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Heavy customers, understanding customers, exceed customer expectations continue to provide products and services, so customers are always partners.
First, every step, the first thought is the customer in the enterprise from a seller into a buyers market, consumer attitudes had changed. Faced with a large number of goods (or services), consumers are more receptive to the good quality of the goods (or services). Here not only refers to the quality of the intrinsic quality of the product, including the packaging quality, service and a series of aspects of the product. Must therefore be comprehensive and satisfy consumer demand.
◇ should stand in the customer (or consumer) position, rather than standing up the companys position in research, design and improvement of services.
◇ perfect service system, strengthen the pre-sale, sale, service, customer appears in the use of goods in a timely manner to help solve a variety of problems, so that customers feel great convenience.
◇ attaches great importance to customer feedback, allowing customers to participate in decision-making, to handle customer feedback customer satisfaction as an important part.
◇ do everything possible to retain existing customers.
◇ establish all customer-centric mechanism. Which established the process of change in the various service agencies, etc., should customer demand as the center, establish a rapid response mechanism for customer feedback.


Second, the customer is always right
First, the customer is buying merchandise, not a troublemaker;
Second, most customers understand their needs, preferences, this is precisely the companies need to gather information;
Third, because the customer has a "natural consistency" is the same customer quarrel quarrel with all customers.
Third, customer satisfaction three elements:

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